Illinois REALTORS® Podcast

Learn why a proposal to boost transfer taxes in Chicago hurts everyone

November 7, 2019

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has proposed a real estate Transfer Tax which will hit many commercial and residential investment properties hard.  

The proposal, as outlined in a speech several weeks ago, would decrease Transfer Taxes paid at closing on properties valued at less than $500,000, but it would significantly boost the taxes on properties valued at more than $1 million.

Greg St. Aubin, senior vice president for governmental affairs for Illinois REALTORS® discusses the tax proposal which is expected to come up in the Illinois General Assembly’s veto session which is back in session the week of Nov. 11.  

St. Aubin, a longtime lobbyist for the association, said the Transfer Tax places an unfair burden on property owners who are already saddled with high property taxes. He notes that if a burdensome Transfer Tax passes and is signed into law, the ripple effects could be felt throughout the state, not just in Chicago.  

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